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Comprehensive list of service providers you need for your grand wedding

Accessories & Apparel

What’s a big fat Indian wedding like without the required glam-bam of jewelleries, sherwanis, jootis etc? Accessories and Apparels add that perfect glow up to any Indian wedding.

Artist managers

The role of an Artist Manager is to represent an artist or a celebrity. They schedule meetings with the artists. Their role has become more important in a wedding event since they act like a bridge between the planners and the artists.

Artists, Bands & Musicians

These are the heart and soul of any wedding event. Without them, any wedding would be dull and silent! As wedding events are becoming more big and grandeur, the importance of Artists, Bands and Musicians is bigger than ever

Astrologers & Pandits

Wedding is one of the most auspicious event in our society. To make sure that everything about the wedding is auspicious, we have astrologers and pandits who do important puja and find the perfect date for marriage!


If weddings are getting bigger and better, then why not with the wedding cake too? The wedding bakers these days are making some amazing designer and decorative cakes matching the themes of the wedding.


One may wonder what’s the role of a bank in a wedding? The role of the banks have become bigger these days since they provide loans and help you in savings in order to make sure that your dream glamorous wedding doesn’t stay compromised.


Your pehla nasha maybe your love for your better half. But this shouldn’t stop you from making others experience the nasha of life, and bartenders make sure that you and your guests receive the right mix that will make them shake not only legs, but add in that extra punch of thumka!

Bridal salons

 The 2 most special people of the wedding are the bride and the groom. Bridal salon just make sures that they look the best and most sort out off among everyone present in the wedding. From Dresses, to makeups, to hairstyling everything is covered by them.

Car Rental

If weddings are getting big and grand, then why not the same with the cars? Car Rental services provide you from a range of various luxurious and fancy cars for rent. You don’t have to buy one expensive car, when you can just rent it!

Chappra wala

Chappra is nothing but the entrance of the mandap or the hall that is decorated with flowers, leaves or sometimes with banana plant. Chapprawalas make sure that this traditional essence of marriage is still intact, and makes the entrance look very traditional.


Who doesn’t like chocolates? Everyone loves chocolates! And chocolates are a must in today’s form of marriages. Chocolate makers these days are coming up with some cool decorative and designer chocolates that suit the theme of your marriage!


Want your relatives to dance exactly the way your favourite Bollywood stars dance on peppy hits? Your wish has come true! Wedding Choreographers will choreographs steps for all your family members who really want to wake up their inner dancing kid.


Clothing are one of the most important essence of an eye catchy wedding. Colourful, stylish and glamorous apparels glow up any wedding event. Not only cloth designers design clothes for the big day, but also for the pre-wedding days.

Clothing for Women

The real beauties of the wedding need the most beautiful beautiful set ofapparels. Clothes ranging from all age group of ladies are designed so that they attract all the cameras of the event.

Clothing for Men

As much as the beauties attract the crowd, the men aren’t losing out on all the fun. Clothes designed for all age groups of all the gentlemen and boys just makes them the most stylish set of people in the event.


Wedding isn’t all about music and dance, but it’s also about tickles on your funny bones! Yes you read that right, modern wedding planners have started including shows of stand up comedians who make the entire audience erupt in laughter!


Marriage is not always a smooth road; it has speed bumps too. Therapists and marriage counsellors are there to make sure you have someone to talk about regarding problems arising in the marriage. They give advice and counsel about things that can be done.

Dance Troup

As we all know the importance of dance in any Indian wedding, the wedding planners are taking the game to the next level: By inviting dance troupes to perform on stage on your wedding. They will make sure that you have once in a life time experience of a special wedding!


Another eye catchy thing about a wedding is the décor of the venue. This décor sets the perfect celebration mood for the wedding. Hence, Décor plays a huge role of making the wedding look pretty and beautiful, and in doing so giving the eyes of everyone a big treat.

Designer Wears

As much as there is a certain dressing code for the marriage, the new age weddings are breaking this system by hiring designers who are making designer clothes that just makes people in the wedding look very stylish, and quite different from the rest.


Weddings would sound less grand if there werent any dhols. Dhols help in pumping not only the mood but also the entire body. They also help in giving the bride and the groom a grand welcome, making them feel the most special 2 people of the night.


“Where’s the party tonight? On the dancefloor!” DJ’s in the house, and he/she is here to make your body groove and move to the upbeats and rhythms of mixed peppy hits. The DJ will make you transport you from a wedding to a beat bangin discotheque!

Drapes wala

We all have pictured the sangeet and mehendi session, on a bright day under colourful drapes. Yes, we haven’t left the drapes too. Drapes are an important ingredient to the décor of the venue. They make the venue look colourful and celebratory.


Wedding planners are constantly experimenting different ways to enrich the experience of a wedding. One thing that has emerged of this, is the usage of a drone to record parts of the wedding. This not only makes the guests look up in awe, but makes the viewing experience of the wedding video better.

Events Agency

Wondering who will plan, manage and organise the entire wedding? This where an Event Agency comes in. Event Agencies take the full responsibility of planning your wedding and also making sure that everything is order and implemented according to the plan.

Eye Care

During the wedding season, a lot of work and events happen during the day time, under the sun. To keep your eyes cool, designer sunglasses are just the thing for you. Not only it cools your eyes, you also flaunt your “Tenu kaala chasma” style.


What’s a wedding like without flowers? Hence, traditionally flowers have always been an important item of decoration in marriages. This is why Florists are always experimenting with new designs for decorations using flowers. There’s nothing as beautiful as a wedding hall filled with flowers!

Food & Caterers

One of the most awaited things of a wedding is Food. Wedding is a time of celebration, and celebration in the Indian society means to enjoy a wide variety of food. Hence, Caterers make sure that they provide the tastiest of food, that will make your taste buds happy and content.


Your attitude and style is reflected upon your walk, and to make your walks look spectacular and stylish you need the footwears that suit your style. Footwears are an important part of grooming up in a wedding, and also it reflects wedding style prominently

Ghori / chariot

The sight of a ravishing Groom on a well decorated horse is the single most dazzling and stylish thing in a wedding. On the other hand, the single most beautiful and majestic thing you would see in a wedding is a glittering bride arriving on a well decorated chariot.

Health, Spa & Fitness

As much as weddings could look fancy and celebratory, the build up to the big day could be very tiresome to many. That’s why modern wedding planners arrange for sessions of yoga, spa, Zumba and other healthy activities that will keep your body on check, and less fatiguing.

Hair & Makeup

The bride is the most prettily dressed in a wedding, and she just attracts everyone’s eyes in a jiffy. Hence, hair stylists and make up artists have to make sure that the bride looks no less than a goddess gracing the earth.

Home Decor & Lifestyle

Wedding planners make sure to bring your homes alive as well, and give it an essence of marriage and a celebratory atmosphere. From wallpaper decorations to furniture decorations everything is covered by a home décor.

Hotels & Resorts

Always dreamt of having the ultimate dream destination wedding in a luxurious hotel or resort? Your wish can come true! Hotels make sure that your wedding would be one of the grandest celebrations of your life, and they would compromise on anything.

Ice-cream vendors

Nothing beats the feeling of eating scoops full of ice cream after a sumptuous meal. It not only cools and sooths your taste buds, but also your energetic and tiring body too. Ice cream vendors in the wedding make sure you have the choicest of flavours on your plate.

Image Consultants

The main role of an image consultants is that he/she makes the image of the important people of the wedding perfect, since a lot of spotlight is on them. For example, they fine tune the posture of the bride, the walking style of the groom etc.

Insurance agent

Weddings are becoming big and so are the risk. Uncertainties could lead to accidents and fatalities resulting in various financial losses. Thus an Insurance agent makes sures that everything is covered, and in an unlikely situation of a mishap, the host do not suffer major losses.


Jewellery is a common item used traditionally in marriages since a long time. Jewellery is seen as a very auspicious item and it just makes any one look very dazzling in it. Wedding jewellers offer a wide variety of jewellery to choose from according to your liking and theme!


Celebrate everything about being a woman by wearing the most exquisite pieces of lingerie! It is important for the bride to find garments that have the right cuts for her body shape and get the pieces that meet her needs; whether that’s something great to wear with the perfect wedding dress, everyday comfort or for a sizzling honeymoon trip!


Magazines are light materials that help us deviate our mind from the toxic hard news. Similarly, there are wedding magazines too. They have information about different forms and aspects of a wedding – from hot destination venues to collection of authentic ghaghras.


Yes we all know weddings are magical and there is a certain magic in the atmosphere during marriage season. But what happens when a real magician performs in a wedding? That’s right, Planners include performances of magicians who’s tricks would take many people’s breadth away!

Matrimonial Sites

Matrimonial websites are the first step towards the preparation of a grand wedding. Matrimonial sites have become a common phenomena in the past decade, and they have really improved over the time making the experience of meeting the right one perfect.


Wedding is filled with different programs and performances. But what really makes all these performances come together is the presence of an MC. An MC hypes the upcoming performances, never makes the crowd settle down and always has a funny side to him/her to entertain the

Mehendi wala

What would happen to the session of sangeet if there was no mehendi? Mehendi is again one of those traditions that are still practiced today. The Mehendi Walas are very creative and beautify a lady’s hands like no one. They have all kinds of designs, according to your taste and choice.


We don’t need to mention the role of a photographer in a wedding. If not for them, who will capture those candids that we all post on our social media handles? Wedding photographers use the latest cameras with their great expertise to click the magic that unfolds in front of their eyes!

Rentals company

Clothing rental companies help in renting out wedding dresses for the special occasion. This helps in saving a lot of money because sometimes we buy the wedding dress to wear it for that one time only. Instead rent a dress, and return it after the event is done.


Safa or popularly known as the Pagadi is a headgear worn by the groom and other male members of the wedding. The Safa is traditionally a symbol of pride for men. But in today’s time, its used to make the dressing combination complete, and look more traditional.


Sarees are an important clothing item of women during marriage. Sarees have been transforming over the years in terms of design and shape. Designer sarees have started to become quite popular. Saree designers also have different types of sarees depending upon the theme or the occasion.


Wedding performances will fall short if there are singing performances. Professional singers
are hired to perform in weddings, and make the atmosphere quite melodious. There are various genre of singers that perform depending upon the crowd and the mood of the audience.

Skincare & Cosmetics

During the days leading up to the wedding, the face could could really get tired and stressed. To make sure that your face stays protected and fresh, there are various types of
skincare and cosmetics that glows your face and makes it look really fresh.


This is the multimedia aspect of any wedding. This consists of Sound, Lights, Vj, 3D designers and Audio-Visuals. Basically they tease the majority of your senses, and in doing so give you an all around experience for your mind and your body.

Technology Games

There are further newer ways to enhance the experience of a wedding. Planners are now providing gaming consoles for people who love and gaming kids of various age to feel entertained during the wedding season.

Travel agents

Destination weddings is a dream come true for many, but there challenges to this as well especially in terms of logistics. Travel agents help addressing this issue by providing packages at a reasonable price for the guests to enjoy you destination wedding. Also, they can arrange for great honeymoon travel packs as well.

Trousseau packing

Trousseaus are a special gift, and are not like any other gift. These are a bundle of things that the bride gets as a gift which she takes it to her new home. Planners make sure that the Trousseaus are packaged neatly and looks quite pretty.

Venue / wedding halls

Venues party/ Wedding halls are like the stadiums to the sporting event. Halls and venues are becoming bigger in today’s age in order to occupy and make these maximum capacity feel comfortable. There are various different forms of halls/venues to choose from based on your taste and preference.


Videography in weddings have had stark changes, due to the constant improvement of the apparatus. Videographers have become more creative these days by shooting trailers and movies of the marriage. All of these just makes reliving those special moments pretty real.


Watches are the symbol of style and elegance. In today’s times, thus gifting watches during the wedding season has become common. In fact watches have become part of the wedding apparels. There designs of watches suiting the wedding themes too.

Wedding Invites

Its always a great feeling when a wedding invitation card arrives at our doorsteps. To make this moment feel more special, wedding cards are being produced in various different designs and shapes.

Wedding Planners

They are the engine of any wedding. Because they plan your wedding. Wedding planning is now done in a more systematic way in the form of projects, by involving various creative minds from different fields to redefine wedding in the most creative way, to make the experience a once in a lifetime types.

Wedding Ring

Wedding bands, or wedding rings confirm your marriage with your loved one. Hence, this small auspicious and precious object plays a big part in the wedding. Hence, rings have become more eye catchy so that it remains like that on your finger for the rest of your life.

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