Live with Tahira Endean

On Tuesday the 18th of August 2020, we had Mrs.Tahira Endean, Author and Head of Events of SITE Global, all the way from Canada,, as she talks about her journey from a hairstylist to an event manager, future of virtual events and much more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata

Tell us about yourself?

Mrs. Tahira’s journey has been quite interesting. She started her career as a hairstylist, and spent almost 12 years in that profession. “One day I met with an accident due to which I was restricted to be on bed for sometime. My doctors told me I wont be able to cut hair from hereon”. This was quite a sad moment in her life. This is where things take a turn in her life. She had a diploma in events and management, and through that she landed herself a job at a pharma company where she was hired as a meeting planner. “I attended a lot of medical meetings, and know a lot about medicines. I spent 8 years there”.

From there she moved to the travel industry and soon joined events. 

Your views on Virtual events?

“For me virtual and hybrid events aren’t a new thing, I have done it earlier. There’s so many amazing tools now on virtual technology”. 

In continuation, she gives example of IBM’s yearly event in Las Vegas. Usually when it happens over on ground, on an average 30,000 people attend it. This year they made the event virtual and more than 100,000 people attended. “Its going to continue in future too. With Hybrid events, we can connect with many more people for any event. Hybrid is fully here to stay”.

Your views on Espousal?

“I have seen the platform, and it’s really cool, and sweet. It’s going to be damn good. It’s going to be fun to explore the stalls virtually. You have the opportunity to meet new and more people, because you are not hampered by a physical crowd. It’s organized easily, and hence you can find the vendors you want to see through a list easily. These are the reasons why people would want to come to the Expo more. 

You can go on to have as many people on the floor as you want”.

To watch the full interview, head over to our Instagram page.


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