Live with Steven Adelman

On Monday the 17th of August 2020, we had Mr.Steven Adelman, owner of Adelman Law group and Vice President of Events Safety Alliance, all the way ftom Arizona (USA), as he talks about the story behind how he joined the Events safety as a lawyer, about the need to address the issue of safety in any events, about the future of Virtual events and much more! Hhe joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata

Tell us about yourself?

Mr. Steven is a practicing Lawyer in Arizona, who’s the owner of Adelman Law group and the Vice President of Events Safety Alliance. His entry into the world of events was in a very strange way. One day he got a lawsuit filed by a young fan regarding the safety of concerts, after he nearly died due to poor crowd control in a concert of Eminem. So he took the case, and was working on it really well. People around him were surprised seeing how well he addressed the problem of the lack of safety in events. Thus this is when he decided to get into this field. “I started representing a lot of clients who had problems with the lack of safety in an event and slowly my entire practice started revolving around this”.

Mr. Steven says that it’s quite important to keep the safety measures in check during an event. “Our focus is to change the events ideology from “The show must go on” to “Safety first”. We are good at making things safer than they were before. We just pay attention to detail which general people ignore”.

Your views on Virtual events?

“Virtual events are a healthy and smart way of conducting an event. It’s great that it’s happening now, and it’s better than not doing anything keeping your life on hold.”

Mr. Steven believes that virtual events are definitely here to stay for a very long time, even once everything is back to normal.

“After this pandemic is over, now people will be able to attend family events more now due to virtual reality. People are going to use this more to stay connected with their closed ones in future. This is here to stay, and we are going to utilize the communication strength that the technology provides, and we are going to be more connected now” 

Your views on Espousal?

“I liked what I saw. I liked the concept of this. The ability to access vendors on one’s own schedule will make it less overwhelming for the people. You don’t have to be overloaded with information, when all of it is available at your fingertip online. I really like the concept that you created. It’s much more controllable, and makes me feel satisfied. I found this very appealing”.

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