Live with Riaz Basha

On Saturday of 18thof July 2020, we had Mr. Riaz Basha, celebrity anchor and multilingual wedding host, talking about his journey in the entertainment industry, about virtual events and much more. He joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

Tell us about yourself:

Riaz Basha has been in this industry for the past 18-19 years. Over these years, he has created a celebrated name for himself. He started off with doing compering. Since then on he has been contributing to this industry big time through different avenues.

He has done voiceover for many brands and commercials, he was a radio jockey for Big fm, he has even been a live show host for various types of shows from corporate shows, to business shows to even wedding shows! That is not it, he’s been a participant in the super hit reality show “Bigg Boss” Kannada and in his own words he says “People loved me and voted for me for 91 days!”

“I have been privileged to be part of this business and industry that tries to put up a smile on people’s faces.”

How has lockdown been?

“It’s been an over burnout of me time for me.”

Mr. Riaz is reputed for being very passionate towards entertaining people, and that’s why this lockdown has been a period where he misses entertaining the audience a lot. Although he’s been part of a lot of virtual events during this lockdown, yet according to him, he cannot connect with his audience properly through virtual events. 

Thus, to make his audience feel a bit connected and engaged, he started creating some really cool contents. “I created some really cool content that would distinguish me from the rest, something that I am known for.”

When talking elaborately about these content, he gave an example about how he hosted a chat show with his audience with the help of many people from the industry, which the audience found it super engaging and interesting. 

Other than that, he’s been doing a lot of virtual events as mentioned earlier such as he hosted the world’s first virtual singing contest held during a lockdown period and even conducted a virtual antakshari, 

In terms of business wise, he says the business has been quite bad for him, and that he wishes everything comes back to normal for everyone. 

Your take on virtual events?

“A virtual event can never compete with an actual event. But now the times are hard, and we have to make use of the most of the opportunity available.” Says Mr. Riaz as he feels that we all can make use of virtual events in various different and innovative ways. 

He feels that virtual events can bring a lot of people closer than they were earlier, and a lot of people connected. Now people could attend events from anywhere possible in the world, and can be part of your auspicious day. 

“We can use virtual events in the most fascinating way. There is no limitation of people being invited over online. There can be nothing as safe as an online wedding. “

Future of our industry?

According to Mr. Riaz, this pandemic will only make this industry more organized than it was earlier. He feels quite strongly that the events industry is quite unorganized.

In terms of competition, he says that the weaker players in the industry will perish, and the stronger ones extinct – thus paving way for people who are really passionate about events to thrive with success in future. He advises youngsters who want to join the events industry to join now as it’s the best time since the playing field is quite even. “Now is the best time to try your hand in this industry. You have nothing to lose, but the big companies have everything at stake and everything to lose.”

Your take on wedding expos:

According to Mr. Riaz, wedding expos help the clients big time as the clients get the best of everything all under one roof. Without an expo, he feels there are a lot of logistical hassle that one has to go through to connect and meet the right vendors face to face. “You have to go through so many “Vias” before meeting the vendor face to face”. Thus, a wedding expo just shortcuts this entire process by helping meet the client directly with the vendor.

From a seller or a vendor’s point of view, he feels that an expo is like a small investment for them. “Buy a small stall for a few amounts, and who knows that one order could change things for you! That one order could bring you so much prosperity in the long run. This is an investment where you have got nothing much to lose”

Your Take on Espousal:

Mr. Riaz feels that it’s a great initiative, and something that will pave way for many online wedding expos in future. He feels this will help connect with more people, and a lot of people will participate and attend a virtual wedding expo such as the Espousal. 

Although he cautions us about any possible technological setback but also says “Technological setbacks can happen even for an online Microsoft or google event. These are something not in our hands. 

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