Live with Nanki Chawla

On Wednesday the 12th of August 2020, we had Ms. Nanki Chawla, Founder of Nanki Chawla Events, as she talks about how the hospitality industry influenced her, about her time in Thailand, future of virtual events and much more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata

Tell us about yourself:

Nanki Chawla’s journey from an employee in the hospitality sector to owning her own wedding firm is quite an illustrious one. “It’s been an incredible journey”.

During her time in the hospitality sector, she worked with the Taj group of hotels and this is where she learnt about organizing events. She then moved to Thailand for 2 years to learn more about events, and then came back to India and learnt more about coordination events. “It’s been 8 years and the rest is history. I started of as a single woman show, but I have been blessed with an incredible set of team and people. Yes, it’s been an incredible journey.”

Your opinion about the future of events?

Ms. Nanki and her team have been brainstorming a lot about the future of events.  “The situation is so uncertain that we really don’t have the answers to everything. However, over the time few things have become more clearer”. Talking about what she estimates about the future, she feels that this situation is going to have a long adverse effect on international travel. Thus, there will be a decrease in destination weddings outside India, and there will be an increase in destination weddings across India and also locally. The other shift that she anticipates is the extensive usage or role of technology in events. “Meetings and planning of even on ground events will happen virtually”.

Your opinion about wedding expos:

“It’s a really good space to connect. It’s a one stop for everything. When so many things are offered under the same roof, it’s always a great experience for everyone involved in the expo.”

Your opinion about Espousal?

“This is way ahead of the time. People want things at their doorstep. Something like espousal, has opened up various and many doors and it’s quite futuristic.

There will be so many options you will be offering to the clients, both living in India and abroad, at the comfort of their home . Sometimes on ground expos could be claustrophobic and exhausting because there are so many people. But in the case of espousal, there will be quality of time offered for individuals as there is no hassle or crowd, and everyone will have a great experience altogether.

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