Live with Jewellyn Alvares

On Sunday the 25th of July 2020, we had Mr.Jewellyn Alvares, as he talks about his journey in the design industry, discusses the latest trends in wedding fashion and the future of events! . He joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

Tell us about yourself:

For Mr. Jewellyn Alvares, the concept of design intrigued him from quite a young age in school, and thus this when he realised that this could be his passion ahead in his life. After finishing his schooling, he enrolled himself into a design school to learn fashion design. His passion particularly in design was designing wedding gown. He graduated from there in the year 2001, and immediately went on to start his own business related to bridal wear for guys. After few years of working there, he branched out towards the line of footwear, something that according to him was totally out of passion. “Unlike bridal designing, I hadn’t had any formal training or education related to footwear, it was totally out of passion.”

Few years after this, he went into the academics line, as he started teaching and mentoring fashion designing in a fashion design school in Mumbai.

Have you planned taking things to online?

According to Mr. Jewellyn, in the Bridal design industry, designers like him are quite dependent upon human connection, touch and physical presence of their client while making the dress. Its quite important according to him that the client is equally involved during the process. Thus adapting to virtual reality in his business will be quite a challenge. “Virtual kills the personalisation aspect. We are trying to keep the process safe. We are trying to minimise the process by providing the clients in the very first go.”

But also at the same time, he and his firm are ready to switch to the virtual world if the situation at some point demands.

Your views on a wedding expos?

“Wedding expos will sort out the area of helping people cut down on the logistical issue of going to different paces to get their wedding items. Wedding expos provide all of this all under one roof, and it helps people a lot!”

Opinion about Espousal?

“An expo like this will be very well appreciated. Many people have rescheduled their dates for their wedding, and a virtual event like espousal will help in getting in fresh ideas for them and to rethink and reorganise stuff about their wedding. “ Says Mr. Jewellyn. He also points out that an initiative like this is quite safe too, and of course it’s the first of its kind.

Its quite safe too. It’s the first ever of its kind.

To watch the full interview, head over to our Instagram page.


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