Live With Jaichander Ramesh

On Sunday the 30th of August 2020, we had Mr.Jaichander Ramesh, CEO of Sarcon Technologies, as he talks about the future of virtual events, his views regarding online expos and how technology is going to mix with onground events in future. He joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Arvind Sabhaney

Tell us about yourself:

Mr. Jaichander started off his company Sarcon Events in 2017. They dealt with technology as they provided technology for physical events such. They even had a tie up with the Government of Karnataka, and some of the other prestigious official organisations. After many suggestions and recommendations, they decided to experiment with the virtual world. “In 2019, we started with toying with virtual events. We realised that at some point virtual events would become the dominant force, but I had estimated it to be in the next 5 years and not so soon.”

Future of Virtual events?

According to Mr.Jaichander, since the inception of virtual events, the sponsors are spending less but are having a greater reach than earlier. Thus sponsors have started spending and investing on virtual events now. This implies that virtual events will still be there in future. However, he estimates that the future of events will be more or less a hybrid between virtual and on ground. “You will have new entrants in the virtual markets. There will be players that will go full virtual while other players who will focus on on ground events and will have a lot of elements of technology in them.

Your views on an online wedding expos?

According to Mr. Jaichander, a concept like virtual expo will work in the long run for sure. “Immediately? I do not know. Eventually? Definitely”. According to him, weddings are one of the most recession proof industries, and thus marriage will happen no matter what. Therefore, online expos will help in facilitating these weddings, especially in a time like this.

According to him, a virtual expo allows all the vendors to be under one roof thus facilitating the efforts of the buyers. “This is not like a website like I can go through a virtual expo, and talk to the vendors right then. I can negotiate with them. This is an opportunity for all the stakeholders involved, be it sellers or be it buyers”

 Opinion about Espousal?

“You are doing something that is quite cool which others haven’t done yet. Sellers will join in since as a seller I am going to spend 1/10th on logistics. This is an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to meet many people and make meaningful connections.

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