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On Thursday of 23rd of July 2020, we had Ms. Gen Lee, President of Gen Lee Events and an entrepreneur, author, event planner, professional speaker, mentor, and marketing consultant, all the way from the Philippines, talking about her journey as a wedding planner in her country, about her book, about virtual events and much more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

Tell us about yourself:

For Ms. Gen Lee, her journey in the events management started way back in 2006. She’s the founder of her company Gen Lee events. But after being in the events industry for a while, she decided to share her expertise through various avenues such as writing her own book, as a speaker, as a mentor and even as a teacher.

 Talking about her books, she has written two books so far, the first one was about wedding planners, which was the first Pilipino book about wedding planners, and the second one was about event management.

 Her first book was launched last year. “I launched it because I saw a need for my brides in the Philippines regarding information about wedding planners. They don’t have a book here about wedding planners. Thus they have to go online. My passion is to help my bride.”

 Other than her passion for writing about her field of expertise, she has been doing the same vocally. She’s been a speaker on various forums and platforms where she shared her expertise in the events industry. “I got invited by schools and institutes to teach them about my expertise in weddings”. She even teaches and helps startups and wedding planners through workshops and seminars conducted by her company.

How has the lockdown been?

 For Ms. Gen, the lockdown primarily has been about virtual events. She’s been busy promoting her first book during this period ‘‘I was supposed to travel to other countries to promote my book. But due to the ongoing situation we couldn’t do it. Hence, we pushed it over online.’’

 Other than that, her company has been conducting quite a number of online wedding expos to reach the brides in her country, similar to what Espousal would put up in September.

 “I have been working but with breaks during the lockdown. For me my event life is moving forward, but with virtually.”

What’s the future of our industry?

 According to Ms. Gen, it would take another good 2-3 years for everything to settle in and get back to the normal state.

 Kind of virtual events you have done:

 Ms. Gen and her company have done quite a lot of virtual events during this lockdown period. “First one was seminar- webinar, second was expo, 3rd was business networking and then the last one was thanksgiving anniversary of a company.”

Opinion about virtual events:

 According to Ms. Gen, virtual events are here to stay for the next 3 years until things fall back to total normalcy. But once things open up doesn’t mean virtual space will perish forever. It would still cease to exist. “Virtual events help people save a lot of money, and thus it’s here to last for a very long time”.

 Although she disagrees with the fact that Virtual events are going to be the new normal. “It’s not the new normal, but rather an option for clients”.

She feels that from now on there will be two sets or types of clients: Virtual and on ground.

 It’s not the new normal, but another option for clients. There will be two types of clients now: virtual and on ground.

Your opinion about wedding expos:

For Ms. Gen, wedding expos play a magnanimous role in the wedding industry. “Instead of going to different vendors, expos help in bringing everyone together under one roof. You are able to save time, and money. You can interact with the vendors directly face to face.”

About espousal:

Ms. Gen absolutely loved the concept of the Espousal. Having done something similar back at her home country, she feels that such a concept is quite safe for people, and it will allow international and local vendors to come together. Thus this will help people or the buyers to have an ample amount of choices for various products.

“It will also help those couples who are still waiting for their marriage to happen. They can now conduct their marriage and a virtual expo like The Espousal will help them a lot.

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