Live with Fernando Figueroa Jr.

On Wednesday the 21st of August 2020, we had Mr.Fernando Figueroa Jr., Founder of Xquizite Affairz, All the way from Los Angeles, as he talks about his journey, the importance of hospitality and design in events, future of virtual events and much more. He joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

Tell us about yourself

Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Mr. Fernando’s journey in the events started off 9 years back. He joined an events firm and was part of so many high level corporate events, dinners, weddings etc. “This expanded my knowledge and vision about design and management in Events. I learnt a lot”. After this, he joined a catering company followed by a production house. He gathered as much knowledge as possible, and one decided to start off his own events firm. “Our firm is a one stop shop. We have a lot of great relationships with vendors and collaborations. We really think outside the box. Every wedding is different; every event is different. We try to figure out what the client needs and what the industry needs. And now we are here, Rockin’ and Rollin’!”

Your views on virtual events?

“I see virtual events like another asset. We have such great platforms and we try to innovate and create great experiences for the users using this platform. Virtual events use data analytics which is going to help track essential records and data of every event. This will help us reach different people in different ways in terms of branding and marketing. Its definitely going to be a positive plus”.

Your views on wedding expo?

“Wedding expos are huge. Helps in branding your brand, and helps you get contacts and helps you build networks with clients. It contributes a lot towards the industry. We feed off the energy from the expo and that helps us in our work. It brings so much variety and new things to the table”.

Your views on Espousal?

“The idea Is great. It’s a great analytical opportunity to understand how things unfold at an event. A lot of high quality professionals are part of this, and I am very excited to be part of this. We will try our best collectively to make this a regular thing around the globe”.

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