Live with Ehtasham Hussain

On Monday of 11thof July 2020, we had Mr.Ehtasham Hussain, founder of bespoke menswear label Un-cuffed, talks about his vision for fashion, menswear, his take on the future of the wedding industry and about virtual events. He joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

About yourself:

3 and half years back Mr. Ehtasham was looking for wedding clothes because he was getting married. He had a tough time finding a right vendor who could provide the right set of clothes with the right budget. “There were two player in the market. The off the market rookie in one spectrum and the expensive custom players on the other, but there was no one to bridge this gap.”, and this is how Un-cuffed was born, with a little Facebook page initially.

What else other than clothing?

“Except for watches, we take care of everything else. We take care of the décor from head to toe. We give an entire package and solution to our clients in terms of design, theme and décor of the wedding”.

 How has the lockdown been for you in terms of work and personal wise?

“Prior to this we used to do 50 weddings and now we are doing 15.” Says Mr. Ehtasham indicating the drop in the number of weddings due to the ongoing pandemic.

Yet, this period hasn’t been much of a challenge for Mr. Ehtasham and his firm. According to him, since weddings have become small and intimate, people have become more design conscious regarding clothing as they have a lot of time now to go through the designs and fittings.

But virtual reality has been a concept that Un-cuffed had to quickly adapt to. “example last week we did an NRI wedding where we showed the option of clothing to the groom virtually and took the measurement online too. So in those ways its been a learning curve for us.”

In terms of safety of them and their customers, they have been following proper safety measures and protocols. Their fabrics are sanitized before and after getting stitched. People who deliver the clothes are properly tested, checked and sanitized.

But all in all, according to Mr. Ehtasham, their working pattern hasn’t been affected much as earlier they used to work in their office for 8 hours and now they do for 6 hours. “Not much has changed for us other than the fact that there’s been a drop in the number of weddings”.

In terms of personal wise, he’s been Gymming a lot lately during this lockdown.

 The future of the events industry?

Mr. Ehtasham feels that the current situation is here to stay for the next 3-6 months and we have to adapt to changes such as virtual reality in these 3-6 months. But after this period, slowly things will get back to normal. “It would take another year for the events to fully get back to the normal situation”.

Your take on virtual events?

 “As of now virtual reality is the only way forward to connect with the clients”.

According to Mr. Ehtasham, online shopping and expos will work really well during this period and these are the only outlets for people to interact with vendors like them.

Although he does mention that virtual events will definitely lack the aura of touch and feel and it would be greatly missed. But if some innovation comes up that could bridge this gap, then it’s going to flourish like anything.

 Have you done any virtual events?

 “Not events, but we have had virtual appointments. It was a B2C one and not events per se.”

Your take on wedding expos:

“Collaborations are the way forward as I said earlier, and wedding expos are a good example of that.”

According to Mr. Ehtasham, wedding expos offer the clients so many varied choices all under one roof, which becomes quite convenient. It bridges the gap of logistical issues of finding different vendors from different places. Thus wedding expos are quite important for everyone involved in the wedding industry.

Your take on Espousal?

“It will help us vendors reach a lot more people. Right now we are dependent on social media, physical stores and word of mouth. But online expos like yours will work wonder and work really well. “

Also, he feels an online expo like Espousal is very convenient and efficient for the clients as they can browse through different products from different vendors all on their fingertips from the comfort and safety of their home.

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