Live with Christine Traulich

On Wednesday of 15thof July 2020, we had Mrs.Christine Traulich, founder and creative director of Red Bliss Design, New York, talking about her journey in the invitation industry, about the situation in the USA, Virtual events and much more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

About Yourself:

 Mrs. Christine Traulich has been in this industry for a long time. Her journey started 19 years ago when she started making invitations for her friends and families. These were small gatherings and close events. “Then we started innovating, I started focussing on 3D designs and since then I have been interested in this”.

Knowing that there is so much potential in this, she and her sister started their business. They started being creative with invitation cards and planners.  “The whole point was to communicate the message to the attendees and guests in the most creative and meaningful manner.”

From a small hobby to a global business, Christine Traulich has come a long way!

How has Lockdown been for you personally and professionally?

“We connected with our clients. Personal wise, I have been catching up with Netflix and connecting with people.”

Pandemic Situation in the USA?

According to Christine, it’s a mixed bag. Some places like New York and Manhattan are opening up but places like California are closing.

“This means things will go a bit worse before it will get back to normal”.

Speaking about the situation of the events industry, she says that small events are happening and it’s going well as long as people maintain the safety procedures and standards for covid-19.

Future of Events industry?

 “I think it’s going to be a very slow and steady climb back. We all should brace ourselves for 18 months’ period of uncertainty.” feels Mrs. Christine about the uncertain future of the events industry across the globe.

She advises that people who are in the events industry should make themselves emotionally and financially strong, and use this time to upskill themselves for their personal growth.

Speaking of the uncertain future, she adds that the events industry should somehow find different ways to showcase the creative side, and as of now virtual platforms are the best possible solution.

Invitation industry situation?

“We have been badly affected” says Mrs. Christine. According to her, the situation was bad earlier, but now it’s getting better. This is because they have started working again. She and her company were the first ones during this pandemic that started getting back to the invitation business. They started working with the small gatherings and events.

She feels right now, for the industry her company is in, adaptability to virtual events is a must and should be adapted as soon as possible. According to her, passing of messages and information have become quicker now thanks to digital and virtual platforms.

Your opinion on virtual reality?

“Obviously VR is here to stay for a while, however they cannot replace human touch. But VR is important in the next 18 months to stay connected with people”.

Speaking further on her opinion on Virtual Events, she feels this is a unique advantage for most people as it helps connect with more people now than earlier.

Have you attended any Virtual events?

“Business events and summits for our industry. Few business interactions where I was part of the panel to discuss and involve in a dialogue regarding the situation our industry is in right now. To share our concern during this time and Virtual events are the perfect place to exchange these information.”

Why expos?

Mrs. Christine feels that vendors should understand the kind of values that exposure brings to their businesses. According to her, expos accelerate the connectivity with people and further makes these connections deeper and meaningful.  Expos help vendors and clients to engage in insightful dialogues and such dialogues help generate and exchange valuable and tons of information.

“Those things are powerful.”

Your opinions on Espousal?

“You are bringing together so many people from different parts of the world to come together, connect and exchange information. People will learn a lot such as how we can collaborate and help each other out during this situation. Your uniqueness and approach is to be something really that everyone is looking forward to.”

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