Live with Charmaine Fivaz

On Friday the 7th of August 2020, we had Mrs.Charmaine Fivaz, Owner at Tentworx, all the way from South Africa, as she talks about how her company’s track record of conducting over 7000 events so far, about why she finds virtual events banal, future of virtual events and much more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata

Tell us about yourself:

Mrs. Charmaine’s journey started in 2008 when she bought a small events company.

Since then, her firm has been growing exponentially in different directions and in different departments. “We do all types of events from wedding and private parties. We supply marketing. We do décor design and floral. We are basically one stop events solution.”

She and her firm on an average conduct around 500 events per year and so far have conducted around 7000 events since their inception. She lauds and credits her team for this figure. “I have a very good team; without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. We are very passionate about the things we do.”

What is your opinion about virtual events?

 “It definitely cannot replace the on ground event. In certain types of events there will be a shift to virtual in future and thus definitely people are making the mind shift. But I find it kind of flat and boring.”

 Your view on virtual wedding expo?

 Mrs. Charmaine feels that virtual wedding expos are the way to go as long as one makes it interactive and entertaining for the audience. She feels online portal is a great platform to conduct a wedding expo.” I always feel that it’s quite important to be visible over online. People can access and interact with different people in the expo at the comfort of their home, and whenever they feel like and this is a huge shift. I feel at some point people will prefer this over on ground. This concept will just grow from strength to strength. Virtual expo brings everyone together under one roof, instead of people going to different vendors. Saves up on logistics. “

Your opinion about Espousal?

 “You guys are the first ones to tap in this market. It has the potential to grow internationally. It’s a great platform according to me, and it’s going to be a great event. This is something that will grow later and will happen in different countries too.”

 To watch the full interview, head over to our Instagram page.


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