Live with Amalia Roseti

 On Tuesday the 11th of August 2020, we had Mrs. Amalia Roseti ,Founder of Wedding Mission, all the way from London, as she talks about her journey from a blogger in Milan to a Wedding firm owner in London, Why she chose London, What attracts her the most about our Indian culture, future of virtual events and much more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata

Tell us about yourself:

Mrs. Amalia is quite an experienced person in the field of wedding industry. Hailing from Milan, Italy, she started working at her husband’s firm. She initially started as a blogger writing blogs about weddings. “10 years ago in Italy, a lot of people started writing a lot of fashion blogs, and that’s when I realized that I should do something over online. Thus I started writing blogs about weddings because everyone was writing about fashion, and I realized blogs about weddings are a market that is yet to be tapped”. Since then, Amalia’s wonderful journey in the wedding industry began. Soon after, she started her own Italian wedding program and some time later she did her first wedding.

Then 5 years back, her journey suddenly shifted to London as she decided to shift her company to London. “My last 5 has been in London for exposure to multi culture. I always work with International people, and London attracts me a lot more than Italy”.

Your views on virtual events?

 Mrs. Amalia tells us that back in Italy, events are seen as a warm gathering, and this gathering is made warm by the presence of human connection and face to face interaction. All of this lacks on a virtual platform.

 However, she has been quite impressed by the entire concept of virtual events. “I have attended a few online virtual events. I was impressed”.

On being asked about the future of virtual events, she feels that virtual events are here to stay for now, and people will slowly start adapting to this change to their daily life soon. But she also feels that once everything comes back to normal, on ground events will make quite  a big entry and thus virtual events will lose their dominance big time.

“I always enjoy it, you build nice and new relationships. You can make nice and good business opportunities in wedding expos. It’s a great environment, and I absolutely love wedding expos.”

Your views on Espousal?

“It’s going to be great Because we can connect with each other without travelling. I love Indian culture a lot, and Espousal will help international clients and sellers to get to know the Indian culture better.”

 To watch the full interview, head over to our Instagram page.


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