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On a Wednesday of 24th of June 2020, we had Msr. Elisa Mocci, World renowned luxury destination wedding planner and founder of Elica Mocci events, all the way from Italy as she talks about her journey in the new market of Italy, her lockdown life and more. She joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

About yourself:                              

For Elisa Mocci, her entry to the events field was 12 years back at the tender age of just 20. “I was one of the very first wedding planners in Italy”. According to her, the concept of a wedding planner is a recent thing in the Italian society.

During her initial days, she worked mostly with the outdoor wedding. But she grew mature in her career, founded her own firm called “Elisa Mocci events” and then started specializing in outdoor wedding themes with a twist of originality such as wedding in the wild, or on top of a hill spot etc.

For her own firm, she assembled and created a team in no time, and right now there are 5 people who work in her team.

Speaking about the kinds of wedding she has done so far, luxurious wedding and VIP weddings are the cup of tea for her and her firm.

Other than events, she has herself authored a book called “Wedding Planner’s Staff” which was launched in 2015. Her book is a guide to help normal people to work with wedding planners while executing a wedding.

How has the lockdown impacted the events industry in Italy?

Everything was uncertain, and we told our clients to wait and see how situation unfolds” says Elisa Mocci as she says that the initial part of the lockdown was quite confusing and scary for many especially the ones working in the events industry.

The lockdown situation was for quite a long duration, and within the first month, Mrs. Elisa realized that the government doesn’t have a replaceable plan for events and weddings. This Is when she told all of her clients to postpone their weddings to next year May. This was because even though small and intimate weddings were being happening in Italy, but such a wedding wasn’t her or her client’s type. So for the welfare of her and her client, she moved all of her events to next year.

Have you done any intimate wedding during the lockdown?

“We wouldn’t mind conducting such small and intimate weddings especially around the end of the year if we get the order to do so. “

How have you spent your lockdown time?

“I am an entrepreneur so all of my energy was channelized into thinking how would I save my business.” For Mrs. Elisa, lockdown was quite a stressful period for her. Along with the fact that she was tensed about her business and the fate of the industry she works in, she gave birth to her baby in February, just 2 weeks before the lockdown. Hence, as the lockdown started, she had to single handedly handle her baby and the work stress simultaneously.

But as the days progressed, she realized stress is harmful and not healthy for her. Thus that’s when she started channelizing her mind towards other stuff. She started working on her academy project that teaches things about event industry. She admits that this project is quite effort and time consuming, but it helps her mind be away from stress. The other thing that she mentions is the fact that she loves music, and thus playing music at home. Interestingly, she knows how to play different musical instruments especially the Piano which she has been playing a lot during the lockdown.

Have you done any virtual events?

Mrs. Elisa has been invited as a speaker for few of the congresses through virtual webinars. On being asked about her views regarding virtual events she shares “In future I believe there will be a great mix between virtual and on ground. A bit of it is going to stay in future and its not going to go away and its going to grow. This will help in reaching more people than ever before!”

Your thoughts on wedding expos:

Mrs. Elisa feels that story telling is quite a powerful tool, because it allows us to convey meaningful things such as feelings in a story or a journey. Thus such things cannot happen over an online platform, because this requires physical human presence. That’s why according to her wedding expos are quite important. Such places allow people and the vendors to share each other’s experience and journey through story telling and thus helping build meaningful connections and relationships further ahead.

“I love Expos, they help people like us make collaborations and connections with different people”.

What is your take on Espousal?

“First of all, it’s a real pleasure to be invited as one of the speakers and I am really excited to attend”. The reason for Mrs. Elisa’ excitement is the fact that Espousal will be an amalgamation of various wedding cultures around the world, and thus she will get so much information about different weddings. One of her dreams is to do a fusion between an Indian and Italian wedding.

Espousal will also help her exploring the diverse and vast Indian culture especially how this culture influences events such as a wedding.

She also feels that Espousal will cater to the Indian crowds really well.

Advantages and disadvantages of online wedding expo:

The major disadvantage of online events is that it can never be able to replace the magic of physical touch. But yet, she believes that online or conducting events on virtual spaces have eased things for wedding planners and vendors. This is because unlike the on ground events, on online you could show a variety of the products without worrying about the quantity, storge or logistics of the product. In an on ground event, you have the headache to carry the products, and thus you need to be mindful of the quantity of the product placed in the stalls. “Thus Online events are going to be really great for us wedding planners in the near future”.

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