Why should you hire a wedding planner for your wedding?

Weddings are a time taking process. There’s a lot of labour effort, time and money spent behind this grand event to unfold in the most beautiful manner. 

Especially if you are planning on doing a big fat Indian wedding for yourself, it really doesn’t look like a job that could be pulled off very easily and efficiently if planned by you or your family members alone. 

Thus, we at Espousal believe that the wedding planners are the key ingredient towards a successful big fat Indian wedding. Here are a few reasons why we believe you should hire a wedding planner for your wedding:

Saves you the effort

As we mentioned earlier, planning and executing a wedding is an enormous task which requires a mammoth amount of effort. 

Thus for a big fat Indian wedding, you should always hire the services of a professional or someone who’s quite experienced in planning weddings. 

The role of a wedding planner makes your life easier. They plan and give ideas for your wedding, they arrange for the logistics, they bring in the contacts of different vendors, they arrange for different events in a wedding, they make sure that the venue is set up and decorated properly, they manage the guests and the crowds, and this list just goes on. 

Basically, the wedding planner is the main mastermind and manager of your wedding. 

Cost Saving and Budget management

Weddings could cost you a fortune if things aren’t planned properly. There are so many gateways during the planning process where you could shell so much money out unnecessarily. Thus, it’s quite imperative to save more in a wedding. 

This is where the need for a Wedding planner arises.

 Firstly, wedding planners could help you plan a wedding according to your estimated budget. Sometimes, they will be able to help you draw this budget plan of yours. 

Secondly, Wedding planners know the right kind of vendors, or the right kind of artists to contact according to your estimated budget. They will be able to help you spend money in the right places for your wedding. 

Need to know where you could get the best wedding dress for a lower cost? Or the right wedding photographer to hire? Your wedding planner would be the right person to know about all of this. 

Thirdly, Your wedding planner could suggest you packages or even custom packages for your wedding that will fight right in your budget. In this way you will be able to get a bit of everything for the right price. Thus wedding planners can help you save a lot of money. Not only that, they will be able to tell you what extra you could do from the money you have saved.  

Vendor connections

Another big headache while planning a wedding is to find the right vendors and get in contact with them. You would have to search and research about different vendors from different sources, and then contact them further for price negotiation. In this way so much effort, time and cost is spent. 

The presence of a wedding planner here helps eliminate all of the above processes and makes you directly contact the right set of vendors. This helps in saving a lot of time, effort and cost which you could channelise somewhere else let’s say towards wedding shopping?

The advantage of hiring a wedding planner is that they have various contacts with different sets of vendors. Your wedding planner knows you the best and knows about the ideas of your wedding.

 Thus, your wedding planner will be able to give you a variety or choices of vendors according to your taste, theme and budget plan. Not only that, if you are confused about the vendors, they will help you give information about each of those vendors and will help you select the ones that suit the best for your wedding. 

Create packages

Earlier we mentioned to you about packages. Wedding packages help you plan a wedding with a limited set of budget that includes a bit of everything that you need

Each package differs from one another based on style, theme and budget. This way, it helps you save the effort of planning your wedding, as different packages will have different sets of vendors, events, decorations etc. 

Your wedding planner will help you choose the package that suits you and your bride the most in accordance to the theme/style and budget. That’s not it, your wedding planner could help you create custom packages that will allow you to choose the kind of things you want in a wedding, and in this too your wedding planner will help you create a custom package according to your budget.

Crowd Management

A wedding involves far too many people. You have yours and your would be’s immediate family, then you have the long list of guests, followed by catering people, decorating people, events people and the list just goes on. 

There is a huge scope for mismanagements when there is a lot of crowd involved. This is where the wedding planners come. They have their own ways of interacting with different sets of people, understanding their varied opinions and ideas regarding weddings, managing the long set of crowds, the complaints, the logistical affairs, coordination between vendors and the family etc.

It’s a very tough task, and doing it on your own can prove quite detrimental. A wedding planner is quite experienced in dealing with such situations and will help you enjoy your wedding in peace.

The role of a wedding planner is quite imperative, and little do we know how much they can make life easy, efficient and simplified during a wedding time. 

Wedding planners are quite passionate and hard working about their clients, and will do whatever it takes for them to make you feel satisfied and provide you with the most memorable time of your life.

 We at Espousal believe big time that hiring the services of a wedding planner is a must!


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