Why should you book your stalls early

The importance of booking your stalls early. 

The importance of an expo is increasing day by day, and especially when it comes to wedding expos. Weddings are getting bigger, and people want to know how they can make their wedding grand and memorable.

Now as the world is shifting to a virtual space, we at Espousal are creating a virtual wedding expo where wedding vendors can set up their stalls virtually on our website, and customers could easily browse through these stalls on their devices. However, as a wedding service provider it is quite imperative to be well prepared in advance.

The first step towards early preparedness is booking your stalls early, and not deciding things in the last moment. We at Espousal believe that when you book your stalls early with us, you receive a lot of benefits in terms of marketing, placement of stalls, prices and modifications. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to book early, and here are some of the reasons why as a wedding vendor you should book your stalls early. 

Marketing of Stalls

Marketing and promotion is a very important factor in letting people know about your brand, and what your brand uniquely offers. But to maximise the effect of promotion, one needs to start this process early, and early bookings of stalls is a great way to get things started.

One of the biggest advantages of booking a stall in advance is that it gives you a lot of time to plan things ahead in terms of promoting and branding for your stalls.

At Espousal, we would start promoting your stalls from the day the stalls are booked by the vendors. Early booking just gives us a lot of time to think creatively and innovatively in terms of promoting and marketing of the stalls.

As much as innovation and creativity of the promotion is needed, but what’s equally important is how many times the brand is promoted. Early booking gives us time to promote the brand more frequently. Now that online promotion has taken the center stage, more time in hand helps us brand the stalls online better and among more people.

Starting promotion early helps in sharing of the information about the stalls quickly and more frequently. Thus more branding would lead to greater reach among customers, and in turn would lead to more sales. 

The pricing system of these stalls work on a demand and supply basis. So if you book your stalls early, you could get to book it at a lower price, and sometimes you even get great deals and offers. Such offers and prices help in saving a lot of money which as a wedding service provider you could channel it towards something or somewhere else. These offers may run out if you book your stalls late, and thus you would be missing out on great deals.

Opportunity for Modification

The other advantage of booking your stalls early is that you have time to tweak or modify your stall in the last minute. Sometimes the idea of adding an extra catalogue or brochure, or maybe changing the images that you had initially decided to put up may pop up any time. All this can be done without a hassle if you have ample time in hand. But this wouldn’t be this easy or efficient if you book your stalls at the last minute, which could lead to chaos and confusions regarding modifications. 

The possibility of conducting a wedding expo on an online domain has become very much a reality now, and a virtual expo has different dynamics to it. The challenges are different on an online platform compared to an on ground event. Yet, the one common thing that works wonder in both cases is booking the stalls early.

As wedding vendors it gives you an upper hand in terms of reaching out to more customers, creative branding, better deals and offers, better slots and stalls and last minute here and there tweaks and modifications. There will be various other vendors too, thus the demand is high and so is the competition. We at Espousal believe that booking early just gives you that much-needed edge over the others, and makes sure that your stall receives the maximum visibility, and attracts a lot of customers. Thus early booking is a simple yet quite effective tool for a great stall experience. 


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