Live with Timo Bolte

On Saturday of 15th of June 2020, we had Mr. Timo Bolte, World renowned atelier and founder of Timo Bolte Floral Design, as he talked about his journey in the florist world, his busy lockdown life and more. He joined in for a chat with Espousal partner Shikha Nahata.

About Timo:

Timo Bolte, or Timo as he’s known popularly, has been working with flowers for the past 20 years. “I was 10 years old, and started working in a Nursery over the weekends. I used to water the plants and take care of them”. Since then, this passion has led Timo to places. After his higher education, he joined a botanical garden. After working there for a while, he moved to London and joined the events industry there. He did a lot of events and workshops across various places such as London, Asia, Middle east etc.

He loves flowers, and he loves making people happy with flowers.

How’s the lockdown situation affected the events industry in the UK?

According to Mr. Timo, the situation in the UK is worse than that in India. Although things are slowly opening up, yet there are hard and stricter guidelines that need to be followed especially in terms of events. “As per the guidelines, not more than 30 guests are allowed to attend a wedding”. Thus not many weddings and events are happening right now in the UK. He also says how many of the event and wedding planners have gone quite now, and are in their home.

Mr. Timo feels that it could take up to another year for everything in the events industry to come back to normal, and he advises people to wait for a while and not conduct their wedding during the lockdown. “Weddings are all about people, celebration, dancing especially dancing with aunties! So we all gotta wait for everything to come back to normal”.

What did you do in the lockdown?

 Many saw this period as a time to be away from work, but for Mr. Timo lockdown has been quite a busy period with him working on different things everyday. Firstly, he has started gardening again. “I went back to my roots, to where it all started!” says a nostalgic Timo. He has been gardening for 6 of his clients, and says he enjoys rejuvenating his old hobby. Other than that, he’s been quite active and working on his social media page and website. According to him it’s quite important as an events person to be active on social media these days so that people and clients will get an impression that the pandemic hasn’t affected their work and they are still very much active, and in business.

Along with the above two, he’s been conducting webinars and online classes for students in the Middle east. “So basically everyday I am working!” chuckles Mr. Timo.

What is your opinion about wedding expos

For Mr. Timo, wedding expos play as a crucial hub for people to get information and make connections with the sellers or vendors, and for vendors to make a lasting impression on the buyers. “Wedding expos allows people to interact with different vendors directly. You get to know the story of the product directly from the vendor”.

Another interesting point that Mr. Timo raised regarding wedding expos is that wedding expos helps vendors or sellers to make an instant connection with the buyers.This connection will further help in building understanding between the two. When both the parties start understanding each other really well, then a strong trust starts building between them. This trust between a buyer and vendor is quite important while planning a wedding. This helps the bride and the groom to stay hassle free about the wedding as they know their vendor must have taken care of everything in the best possible manner.

Mr. Timo also feels that there’s a lot of things to learn and gain ideas about different things for weddings from an expo. Different vendors provide a plethora and wide variety of information and ideas, thus helping the buyers to think more creatively about their wedding.

But as much as it’s important for a buyer, it’s equally important for a seller to make a great impression to catch the eye balls of the buyer. This is the best place to slide their business card to the buyers to let them know about your strong presence or to create strong visibility among them.

Take on wedding expos online: and espousal:

Mr. Timo feels that an online expo such as Espousal is going to be a big hit. “Now that everyone is online, there will be more people joining an expo like Espousal”. He also feels that the idea of a wedding expo where people could attend from their own comfort spaces, seems to be an interesting concept and surely a thing that would be quite normalized in future. He concludes by saying “Online expos like the Espousal helps connect the people who wouldn’t have been able to join otherwise. This is a thing of the future!”

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