How to select the right wedding photographer for your wedding

The atmosphere of a wedding is truly filled with moments of utmost magic. The moments of laughter, joy, tears, conversations, melody, etc. It’s like an amalgamation of various emotions. 

Thus, wouldn’t it be great if someone captured these moments in a single picture as the magic unfolded in front of their eyes? Yes. This where we have our new age artists – the wedding photographers. 

Let’s not back down on the fact that the role of a wedding photographer is very important in a wedding. We mean, c’mon who’s going to click those “#candid” pictures for you to post on your social media handle? Yes, the art of photography is truly magical and the wedding photographers are the real magicians. 

Now what’s more important than a wedding photographer is to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding. Thus, we at Espousal have come up with few tips and ways that would help you find the right photographer that’s going to give you the perfect shot!


The first thing you should do is to draw up a budget plan for photography alone. You and your partner could do this while making budget plans for different other things related to the wedding. 

It’s quite imperative to make a budget plan for photography, because you don’t want to unnecessarily shell out big bucks on a few good or handful pictures right? Yes we get it, it’s difficult to know what the good price would be, thus take your time and do some research. 

Find what are the costs of different photographers in your contacts or area. If possible talk to them, or talk to your wedding planners. Wedding planners or wedding vendors could give you proper insight on this. 


Wedding Photographers are professionals and experienced ones in their field, yet sometimes the style of their photography may not suit your wedding style. Thus, sit down with your wedding planner or stylist and compare the theme and style of your wedding with the photographer’s style.

 For example, If your wedding is filled with different events then it makes sense to hire a photographer who is comfortable and has experience of shooting different events and various people. 

Portfolio and Experience

Yes, it may be quite a dilemma for choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding, and here’s a quick cheat code that we are giving you: Check the portfolio.

Most professional wedding photographers have their own portfolios filled with events and weddings that they have covered in the past. Try looking at different portfolios, compare them and see which one suits your wedding the best. 

The best way to check their portfolios is to check their social media handles where they post their work. The next thing you can do is to check the consistency of good clicks. Yes, your photographer might have clicked one of the best pictures the world has ever seen, but what’s the point if the frequency of a good photo being clicked is low? 

Hence, check how many good pictures are there in how many different events. The last point to remember is experience. Experience matters a lot in choosing the right photographer, and it’s generally advisable to choose a more experienced photographer. 

Not only will they give you good quality but also will understand your needs and the type of photos you require. More experienced photographers are easier in terms of communicating things and building a rapport with you. 

Schedule of Photographer

It’s always better to know the schedule of the photographer you are hiring. Make sure you hire photographers that don’t have any other wedding to cover around your wedding time. 

This is because if they are covering multiple events and weddings at the same time, they will become tired and fatigued. Imagine your photographer working with a lack of sleep the previous night.

This will affect his/her energy level and thus in turn will have an adverse effect on the quality of pictures. On the contrary, if your wedding is the only wedding that’s there on your photographer’s work schedule then he/she will be able to focus on your wedding properly. 

They will be able to give creative ideas for photoshoots, and also will be high on their energy to get the maximum clicks possible. 

We at Espousal strongly believe that the wedding photographer plays quite an important role in any wedding event. 

To capture the bride and groom in their most important day of their life, surrounded by people that they love the most while in an atmosphere that invokes joy, happiness, celebration, magic, promises and most importantly love, is truly a beautiful art.

The wedding photographers are the hidden artists of the event that capture the essence in pictorial form. 


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