How to select the right wedding catering service for your wedding

Indian weddings are becoming bigger and more grand day by day, yet maintaining the richness of our culture and diversity. Thus, our culture is the backbone on which most of the wedding themes and styles are created. 

One of the fundamental things of the Indian culture is food, and we very well know how important food plays in a big social gathering such as a wedding. 

Therefore, after the bride and the groom, the next set of characters that get a lot of attention are food items. Thus, it must be a daunting task, and an additional pressure to provide the most authentic and tasty sumptuous food item for your long list of guests to keep them happy.

Hence, this is where the need for the right wedding catering service comes. We at Espousal believe that the right wedding service provider could lit up the moods of more than hundreds of people at once. Here are some of the tips and ways that could help you find your right wedding catering service.

Budget and Price

Before searching for any particular vendor it’s important to draw up a budget. Take help from your partner or even your wedding vendor or wedding planner. In this case too, its important to draw up a budget so that you don’t have to shell out a lot. 

Remember, food is one of the places where you would be spending a lot of money because it’s something that will be consumed by a vast number of people. Now after you have made your budget, try approaching different wedding catering services based on your budget. See if they can work a menu around your budget with the kind of cuisine you want. 

The plan is to spend less while availing as many food items on the menu. Remember, you don’t want to provide a few items on the plate, this wont fit well with the guests. It’s always good to provide as many choices as possible.

Quality and Service

The above point spoke about quantity and pricing of food. As much as that is important, what’s also important is the quality of food and the right service provided by the caterers. 

In the name of quantity you don’t want to provide poor quality of food to your guests. Thus before hiring the caterer’s service, make sure you read about their reviews online or call up their previous clients or customers to know more about their quality and service. 

You could even ask your wedding vendors for suggestions. Even after you have hired them, do a few rounds of food tasting of various items. See if there’s consistency in the taste and will it suit well among your guests. 

Along with quality, the aspect of service is quite crucial too. The caterers would have to deal with so many people, and their demands. Thus, their hospitality should be top notch and their service first class. 

A good service includes making sure that everyone is served or asked with different food items, making sure that food stalls don’t go empty and listening to any feedback or complaints of the guests. Therefore, read up the reviews of the service provided by catering service along with their cooking skills.


 If you are shelling out your money, make sure you are providing a wide variety of food items. You don’t want the guests to have only mughlai, or have a meal without sufficient starters. On the other side, guests love it if there’s variety for everything.

For example, different flavours of mocktails, ice creams, Gravies, dosas etc. Thus, while choosing the food vendor, make sure that you discuss the variety of food items on the menu, and what they can offer the best around your estimated budget. 

Authenticity and Right Cuisine

Your food item may have a wide variety of things with here and there of fusion from other cuisine, but more or less the cuisine of your food item more often depends upon your culture. Preparing a food menu based on your culture would only please as many guests as possible. 

Thus, it becomes quite imperative to choose the right food vendor or catering service that could provide the authentic and best quality of food of your culture. For this, you sit along with your wedding vendor or planner, or with your partner and search for catering services that provide the best food from your desired cuisine. 


Experience is the key for choosing anything. It’s always better to fall on the side of experience when you are in a dilemma for choosing something, and more so especially in the case of food. While searching for your catering service it’s better to circle the ones with higher experience. 

Not only experience brings good quality of food, but also the right kind of service for your guests. 

They say the stomach is the way to anyone’s heart, and good food is the driver on that way! Thus we at Espousal believe that a memorable wedding always has the best lip smacking food items. 

As much as everyone’s eyes are on the bride and groom, the eyes are very well on the food counter too. We believe some of the greatest moments and conversations happen at these food counters and thus to make these moments special, good food is the only way ahead.


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