5 tips to find the right service provider for your wedding

Weddings are one of the most memorable things in life, and it has become quite an imperative task for wedding service providers to come up with creative ideas to make your wedding grand, beautiful and something to make everyone feel special about. Hence, as a customer, it must be a daunting task to find the right wedding service provider. Thus, to simplify things for you, we at Espousal feel that these 5 tips could help you in choosing the perfect wedding service provider for your important day!


The first thing before you start off your hunt for the wedding service provider is to make sure you and your partner have a proper budget plan. This helps out in prioritising the things you want in your wedding the most. Then the next plan is to find a wedding service provider that can give you an estimated figure of something in and around your budget plan. It’s really important to find a wedding service provider that could work around your budget and also give you a good laid out plan regarding your wedding. Make sure that the things provided by the wedding vendor shouldn’t feel a compromise to you for the price you prefer. 


It may be hard to find out about the quality of service provided by a wedding vendor even before you have hired them. But in such a case, a little research is what helps your case. The best way to start off your research is looking up about the reviews of the various wedding vendors online. You can look at some of their previous works which they would have attached in their website. The other way to find out is to get details from the vendors about their previous clients. You can always contact them and find out about the quality provided by the particular vendor the previous clients had hired. It’s really important to go according to the reviews of people about the wedding vendors. Quality of service is something that should be your utmost priority while hiring a wedding vendor, and at no cost should this quality be compromised. A low quality service would just make not only you and your partner unhappy but also everyone who is going to attend your wedding. Thus extensive research in advance is the key for getting hold of a good quality wedding service provider. 


Experience of a wedding service provider plays a key role. As much as reviews and word of mouth about quality of service is important, its equally important to go for a well reputed and seasoned or experienced wedding service provider. An experienced vendor would be able to give you a better plan and the chances of the quality of service being good is higher. They would have lots of contacts with other reputed vendors such as the best caterers, or the best DJ etc. They would not only make your wedding look pretty, but make sure it’s equally entertaining too, and would give you no chance for a complaint. 

Vendor’s speciality and style

Its really important to have an understanding between you and your wedding vendors in terms of the theme or the style of wedding. Are you planning for a big dhamaka Punjabi wedding? Then make sure that your wedding service provider is known or has experience of conducting Punjabi style weddings. This is because the wedding vendors would know the best about the culture and what kind of theme would suit the culture. They would be able conduct the marriage with various elements of Punjabi culture. This just makes the wedding feel more special and everyone around would feel connected. Now if you happen to hire a wedding specialist reputed for a different cultural wedding theme, then it would be a huge task to work outside their favoured territory and provide the most suitable style or theme for your wedding according to your needs. 

Variety provided

Modern day weddings are more than just weddings. They are a blockbuster event filled with lighting, DJs, bollywood dance, drones, different food items, sangeeth etc. This wide variety of things are provided by the wedding service provider to make your wedding feel more grand and happening. Thus it becomes quite important to choose a wedding vendor that will give you a wide range of variety of things. It should give you a wide range of options to choose from. For example, if you would really want an ice cream vendor, then the wedding vendor should be able to give you different choices of ice cream vendors to choose from. Many Wedding specialists provide a wide array of variety of things to include in the wedding. But the key is to find a vendor that could provide you with different and wide variety of choices along with creative ones, which should not only be suiting your wedding theme but also your budget plan.

Weddings are one of the most important days of your life, and we at Espousal believe that this important day should also be your most memorable day. To make this happen one should choose the right wedding service provider that not only understands you but also understands your needs and your priorities.


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