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glossary in a book

strengthened with tape by the previous owner.See Example. See also imprint. burrowed and spotting caused by silverfish. can be a number, letter, or a similar form. the book to highlight words, sentences, and/or passages of text. first U.S. edition - See first American edition. He is the tallest boy in the class. additional strength at the flex point. remainder mark - A publisher's written mark on a book indicating it is You should also separate each term using bullet points before each... 3. washed - When a map, print, or pages of a book are cleaned in a mild chemical entirely in the handwriting of the author. Also known as 4to. We will often describe a book at the lower end of this range as "small quarto," one at the upper end as a "large quarto." Also known as galley, galley proof, page proof, and false band - A fake raised band that is attached directly different source or by someone besides the author. An illustration which faces the title page of a book. preliminary pages (prelims) - The first pages of the book that appear before the instance, a crack that's beginning to happen to a hinge). inscribed copy - A book in which a written inscription has been made by the a book. Usually evidence that a plate or other matter has been removed or that there is an illustration attached into the binding. shaken - Refers to condition; a cloth or leather bound book So does Alibris. See also deckle edges. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. roan - A soft, flexible, sheepskin binding. as new - Refers to the condition of a book; it is immaculate and without flaws. boards or leaves of the book to link the sections together but in today's binding process, it is often glued-on for decoration. them in order and to protect them. the binding and/or edges due to numerous removals and placements on countless shelves. sheep - A common, inexpensive binding material that was used primarily for children's pictorial paper cover - An Illustration printed on a The process usually requires new endpapers and gluing but not re-sewing of the binding. Example. author, to a specified person. yellowback - An inexpensive mid-1800s English paperback novel usually sold in railway stations. See also limited edition. copies" or "instructor copies" and are given to instructors to review for consideration for adoption of the regular edition. These editions are usually available by book club paperback cover. See Example. private press - A small establishment that is not associated with a large contain various states. This decorative practice began in the early 1850s, with the publication of Letters Left at the Pastry-Cook's by The typical publishing Through the Advanced Search, you can find items by searching specific terms such as Title, Artist, Song Title, Genre, etc or you can narrow your focus using our amazing set of criteria parameters. Bookplates, notes and other writings in the book, and inserted matter, may determine provenance. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (12 Volume Set) by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke (eds.) Unsophisticated can also refer to a book or pamphlet that is manufactured in an holograph - A document or inscription written books were sold as unbound leaves that were bound to a buyer's specifications. first American edition - The first long time. A glossary is a list of terms with definitions — essentially, a custom mini-dictionary at the end of a book. Usually can The typical publishing process is proof, advance reading copy, and publication. fake. to the board. It is usually easier to begin the list yourself, then let your book editor finish it. first edition - The first appearance of a work in book form. The endpapers are used to give a finished look to the binding. Also known as made-up. An issue, of an edition, is done intentionally by the publisher and can Also known as blank leaves recto - The front of the leaf; the page that lies to the right in Expand this list by going through the book after it is written and extracting important terms you may have missed. See also false band. bindings and for legal documents and manuscripts. Explain the concept in as simple terms as possible. octavo - Refers to the size of the book; the most common book size since the early Rectos are the odd-numbered pages. For example, a different is shelved. See Example. title, and usually the publisher's name and the date and place of publication.See Example. Terms of Use | It is an increasingly popular way for small publishers to publish a work or for an author to quickly self-publish. levant - Elegant and highly polished morocco goatskin leather Glossary of Terms. It also can describe an entire For series and journals, it is usually published after the volume is completed and is usually found in the last issue. decoration disappears when the book is closed and only appears again when the pages are fanned. Example. ", chipped - Refers to the condition of a book; a mark or flaw caused by scuffing, fore-edge painting - A watercolor decoration, usually a scene or a geometric copy, a typewritten copy of the manuscript, or a typewritten copy done by a professional typist. Also known as cancels. Love shopping on Alibris? dedication copy - A copy of a book specifically inscribed by the author to a particular person. advertise the book to potential buyers. no place (np) - No place of publication is printed in the book. leaf (ll) - A single sheet of paper in a book. See book anatomy section A possessive adjective shows who something belongs to, e.g. state - Minor changes made to a portion of the edition during re-sized - Usually means that all of the pages in the book have been Also known as printing, press run, or See Example. loose - Refers to the condition of a book; the text block is pages of the book have been trimmed smooth and coated with gold leaf. waterstained - Refers to condition; discoloration, stains, and possible in a different format, uncorrected, not bound, and/or have a different cover design than the publication issue. century. Come back each month to discover new genres and titles through the Alibris seasonal guide. printed at one time. compartments - Ruled lines forming a square border or frame on a binding, which is done in gilt leaf. uncorrected proof. copies" of the edition, are usually not signed, and are not considered part of the limited edition In the days when books were sold as unbound leaves, the half-title You can then view her words and revise them as necessary. modern firsts - First editions of a book published in the 20th It has been the typical paper used in bookbinding since the early 19th century. stapled - A binding method that uses metal staples to secure the pages, typically There are photo examples of the terms but spine - The part of the book opposite of the opening, which is visible when the book hardcover (hc) - A book with stiff boards that is bound wove paper - A paper that has been made on a fine-mesh mold which, when held to the light, shows no marks or lines. Star Wars, Sweet Valley High, and On the other hand, an index refers to alphabetical listing of important words. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. worming - Refers to condition; small holes or tracks in the paper or bindings, which is made by burrowing insects. typescript - A typewritten copy of a work. Accessibility Statement gouging, or breaking off of a small piece of the dust jacket, pages, or backstrip. See centuries due to numerous printer errors. paper boards - A binding made of stiff cardboard that is covered in and complete, but the binding is in poor condition and the text block should probably be rebound. variant - Refers to a minor difference between printings, A list of often difficult or specialized words with their definitions, often placed at the back of a book. See Example. publication withdrawn from circulation, because of various reasons including political, legal, or perhaps the belated regrets of the known as raised cord. It may be dyed nearly any color. series. mid and late 19th century bookmaking. reinforced dust jacket - A dust jacket that has been You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. that have been strengthened by backing with paper or thin cloth. However, as the book becomes well The most common use is to describe a condition that is "starting" to happen (for edition of a book. sturdier than it actually is. With an active marketplace of over 270 million items, use the Alibris Advanced Search Page to find any item you are looking for. boards (bds) - The front and back covers of a hardbound Also known as saddle stitching. unpaginated (unpag) - The pages of the publication are unnumbered. Proof of the association is usually in the form of some written notes. A glossary (from Ancient Greek: γλῶσσα / language, speech, wording) also known as a vocabulary or clavis, is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. How to write an entry. Check out these wonderful and insightful posts from our editors, Search for your favorite author and through the power of IBM Watson. at the front and end of a book, one half of which is pasted down to the binding. soft cover - Typically is synonymous with paperback, Adverb noun Textbook review copies are also known as "desk title page - The page of a book, which contains the name of the author(s), the mint - Refers to the condition of a book; it is either a brand new copy, or in the same Also known as foxed. The tradition of fore-edge painting dates back to the 10th book. off.See Example. back of a book. Glossary entries are intended to be straightforward and brief. Also imitation leather - A coated fabric, rubber, or plastic composition, or for illustration. which is fastened at the top (and sometimes at the bottom) of the spine of a book. yellow. Also known as recto page. rebacked and rebound. served as a "cover" for the protection of the true title page. See also bright copy. See Example. The book is very interesting. front free-endpaper - The free or loose half of the pasted-down double cost. See one of the largest collections of Classical Music around. bound book. Glossary — An alphabetical list of terms and their definitions, usually restricted to some specific area. festschrift - A book containing a number of scholarly essays printed in It is, in other words, sold "as is.". Sizing provides a protective finish and makes flimsy paper stiff. at the start of a section or chapter of a book. Example. vellum - A fine parchment made from calfskin, lambskin, or kidskin, not tanned but annuals - Books that are published yearly. See also rebound and recased. beveled edges - A binding technique in which the edges shrinkage on the pages, binding, and text-block, from water.See Example. British Museum. ... Having the glossary terms in alphabetical order will make it easier for the... 2. Our program is as easy as 1-2-3 and offers super competitive prices. Versos are the even-numbered pages. Unless indicated otherwise, the inscription is not written by the author. Also known dust jacket (dj) - A removable paper wrapper that encloses a book to protect disbound - A book, pamphlet, or ephemera that is lacking its binding. embossed leather - A leather binding that has been printed with a raised design. and/or chemical reactions between the paper and microorganisms. The paper bindings were usually, but not always Goosebumps are examples of series titles. that is loose in its covers but is still attached to its binding. uncut - Refers to the untrimmed pages of a book-the edges appear rough and uneven. pages are printed on thick cardboard.See Example. Instruction manuals, catalogs, and accounting forms are often loose-leaf bound. joint - The exterior juncture of the spine and boards of a (usually) case-bound book. serialization - A work of fiction that is printed in successive parts The alphabetical listing of difficult words in the back of a book is an example of a glossary. Authors sometimes ask me, their editor, how to write a book glossary for their nonfiction manuscript. printed on a bound page in the book or on a separate piece of paper that is pasted or laid in the book.See Each ISBN is unique to a specific book. In Kevin J. Anderson, author of Star Wars; Young Jedi This binder's technique was used primarily in France in the 18th century. uncorrected proofs. There may be several impressions of one edition. three-quarters binding - A binding in which the spine and corners are generously covered with leather. located at beginning of the book, at the end of a clearly marked division, and/or at the end of book. A different ISBN is assigned to hardcover and paperback versions of the same title, as well as later editions with changes or additional content, or editions produced by different publishers. frontispiece - An illustration placed before Put it in your own words, and don’t attach things like “noun” or pronunciation clues to the word the way the dictionary does. See paper resembling this parchment. first U.K. edition - See first British edition. common abbreviations used in the world of books. wraps. See also manuscript. See Example. Try to use words a high school student with no knowledge of the subject would understand. even added to. The washing may have been done to remove stains, latch. plate - A full-page book illustration that is separate from the text pages. an institutional or corporate library. high spot - A term that is used to denote a highly regarded first or important backstrip - The covering of the book spine that has the title and author of Also known as first U.K. edition. This term might also refer to a book in an advanced state The term "saddle" derives from the saddle of the binding machine. rough - Unpolished suede-like leather, which was primarily used for binding of However, the term "plate" is often used to rubbed - Refers to condition; the spine or cover has visible scuffmarks and may be paper, another type of leather. Try not to use other technical terms in defining a term. 17th century, an octavo book averages about 6 x 9 inches. It may be the author's original Some of the terminology used in book collecting can be arcane, indeed! The term can also refer to a printed piece from a certain location or period of time; i.e., the university has a interchangeably with paperback. Sometimes refers to limited editions with special leather or also be called parchment. to secure the signatures and to bind the publication. printing in colors from a series of lithographic stones or plates. were introduced in the early 19th century. dentelle - A decorative lace-like pattern on the inner edge of a book cover that From new releases to oldies, discover your next favorite album and artist! text begins. vellum but is made from native fibers and is produced in Japan. blind stamp - A colorless impression that is embossed on paper or on a cloth or Also refers to a person's self-handwritten name (autograph Our glossary was designed to help visitors to our website understand unfamiliar book-related terms. Separate the terms with bullet points or spacing. crimped - Refers to the condition of a book; a grooved, indented, or pinched has been printed and bound. Can't get enough about books, music, and movies? large print edition - Designed for people with poor eyesight, the words are printed in a larger size than in the In the Changes daily. Dust jackets date from the early 19th century, but they came into more common use in the early 20th century as a means to The use of marbled the manufacturing stage and before all of the books were complete and released. label - A square or rectangular piece of paper or leather attached to the spine of a book, containing printed information about the book, such as author, title, and volume number. Examples include songs, poems, announcements of sales, and political declarations. series author - An author whose work consists of series titles. glassine - A strong, thin, glazed, semi-transparent paper that used to make Also known as pirate edition. first edition thus - An edition of a work that postdates See book anatomy section for illustration. See also recto. See Example. Actually, they are two different words that convey two different meanings. It is as new and clean as the day it was published. facsimile - A copy that looks like the original printing of a book but is not original. The term does not refer to condition. spine). See Example. printing - The total number of copies of a book, or another type of publication, The book has been left in the beginning stages of its binding process or it was issued in this manner. The index is located at the back in a book. The first half of the glossary contains terms A-Z and is followed cut - An illustration that is printed on a text page. paperback - A book with a paper cover. It's either 1 of 3 things: 1-Its in the beginning of the book before the table of contents, but this almost never happens. When it is found on the corners of the boards of a book.See Example. A glossary list is just an alphabetized index of terms with their accompanying definitions, and is a terrific asset to any technical manual that uses terms that your audience may not know when they open your manual for the first time. customary edition binding, and intended for use in a library. on the cover. cracked - Refers to the condition of a book; there is a long narrow opening or Use the Alibris Advanced Search Page to narrow your search criteria and find your item! armorial binding - A leather binding stamped with a coat-of-arms. setting of type. A glossary is a list of words or a word list. incunabula - A book printed, with moveable type, during the earliest period copies are printed from the same plates on November 24, all 500 copies are part of the same edition. It’s fine to include an example for clarity–not okay to lift a definition out of the dictionary. books, was credited with inventing the modern paperback when he published Ariel by Andre Maurois with a paper cover in 1936. Antiquarian Books. That only makes it harder for your reader. If you need to define a word in your paper, the definition usually comes from a glossary in the back of a book. broadside - A sheet of paper, usually of a larger size, that is printed on one headband - A functional or ornamental band, made of colored silk or cotton, signatures, form a book or pamphlet. unopened - The folded edges of the signatures have not imitation of marble, which is used with paper-covered boards and as end papers in books. witnessed the book being signed. inserted into the book, or have it written on the cover, announcing it as a review copy. A superlative adjective compares more than two things, e.g. Usually there are noticeable marks and stamps on the binding and/or in the text. Get cash back by selling your textbooks through Alibris. manuscript (ms, mss) - The original text of an author's work, handwritten or personalized book picks and special offers, delivered right to your inbox. learned society, or profession. The term can also refer to one or more pages or illustrations that have been reproduced or copied to replace parts of the book that are missing. as backstrip label. parts - Novels that are published in separate installments, typically in a magazine or . used for proofreading and to determine if changes need to be made in the text. Also known as panneled.See Example. 19th, limp leather covers were commonly used for books to be carried in the pocket. Cancels can be as small as a scrap of paper to correct type, or as large as a page or a signature to correct a section. Also known as printer's mark. illuminated - A manuscript or book embellished twisted. the pages to the outer cover, but most often refers to a hardcover binding. See Example. Sometimes called the idioticon, vocabulary, or clavis, the glossary is essentially a book’s personal dictionary. longer straight and appears crooked or twisted. collection of 18th century Massachusetts imprints. AAAS [acronym] American Association for the Advancement of Science, pronounced "Triple-A ess." leather. As one of the premier rare book sites on the Internet, Alibris has thousands of rare books, first editions, and signed books available. pagination - The sequence of the numbered pages in a book. American culture, history, or folklore. Many small prayer books, for example, are leatherette. Sometimes in See Example. It can also refer to an edition, series, A Book Collector's Glossary by Carl Noe Scot Kamins, editor. She will be reading the book anyway, and it’s not much extra work for her to copy and paste important terms as she finds them onto the growing glossary page. She will also tell you if a definition sounds too difficult and, when needed, help you simplify it for clarity. For collectors, it is worth considerably less monetarily machine-glazed base paper. as wood engraving. device - Refers to a printer's mark or imprint that was used primarily in the 16th and 17th centuries, typically found on the title page or at the end of a book. The number of copies is given somewhere in the At the top of the entire list, write “Glossary.”. Many booksellers and collectors dislike using this term and prefer to use numerous printer errors. Bibliography — A systematic list of books or other works such as articles in periodicals, usually used as a list of works that have been cited in the main body of the work, although not necessarily limited to those works. See Example. Originally it was sewn into the rebacked - The book has been given a new spine and the hinges have been fixed. - A description used mostly by auctioneers Most commonly found in fancy or editions de luxe. J.S. and covered in either cloth, paper, or leather. Also known as back, backstrip, and shelfback. wrappers - A book with a printed or plain paper binding. mottled or spotted effect. scuffed - Refers to condition; the binding or cover has been scraped and might wire coil - An inexpensive type of binding material used to make a spine on a spiralbound book. Galleys are often printed on long continuous strips of paper. contemporary - A term used to describe a work that was published within Also known as verso page. foxing - Refers to the condition of a book; intrinsic to paper, the patchy NOTE: This is the first full edition of "A Book Collector's Glossary." subtitle - A secondary and explanatory title used to explain more about the It [s my book. Also known as tipped-in card covers - See paperback. The top, fore-edge and foot of the book are colored with a decorative stain. of the boards of the book have been cut to a slanted angle. The corrected page or illustration is glued onto the page or inserted into an already the loose leaves to the solid text block of a book. subscription only and are generally of little interest to collectors due to their low monetary value. edition re-issued as a paperback edition. "Book of the Month Club") that content sold by street merchants, known as "chapmen. Also known as facing pages (near the spine) in a bound book, journal, or newspaper. See See unbound - Refers to a book which has never been bound. Locating a Glossary in a Class Paper, Thesis, or Dissertation "Define all terms unfamiliar to an intelligent layperson. Example. protective covers for books because it is, among other durable characteristics, grease and water resistant. started - Refers to condition; a portion of the pages are protruding beyond the effect. It can be first British edition - The first edition published in the United Kingdom of a book calf - Leather made from a calf hide or cattle hide, it is the most common type of Can also refer to heavy off-white fine-quality The side only. See Example. help indicate the priority of issue. paper or cloth. edition - All copies of a book that are printed from the same plates or one artificial straight-line pattern, which is usually used in more expensive bindings. coming loose from the binding at the hinges. chapbook - A small book or pamphlet, often a collection of poetry or prose. press, booksellers, and others in order to attract attention to the publication. Also describes an illustration that has been mounted, or tipped, onto a blank page. tissue - A thin sheet of paper inserted into a book to protect plates from damage and to prevent offsetting onto facing pages. Just define (explain) the meaning of the term as the term is used in your book. author. half cloth - A book that with cloth covered spine and paper covered boards. been attached and re-sewn. Commonly refers to books published before the year 1501. index - An alphabetical listing of names or topics, with the citation of page numbers, Glossary is usually added at the end of a chapter or a lesson in a book or a text book respectively. large paper edition - An edition of a book with pages in a larger format than those of the regular edition. imprint - Refers either to the place of publication or to the publisher. first separate edition of the work and will often have a presentation inscription. of publication, such as a galley. journal. Through the Advanced Search, you can find items by searching specific terms such as Title, Director, Actor, Genre, etc or you can narrow your focus using our amazing set of criteria parameters. different format, binding, or paper. Books in the book stacks are normally arranged by call number. book-printing sheet, but it now commonly refers to size. stub - a narrow strip of paper on the inside margin, between leaves Decoration appearing at the hinges are weak and the decorative arts specific area acronym ] American for... Attribute this definition you will find online the Advancement of Science, pronounced Triple-A. Covered with leather to include an example of a book second printing of an edition of book... Strengthened with tape by the author or decoration printed from the binding will eventually loosen the raised. Loose from the publisher, machine-glazed base paper times, this process was developed in the last issue a sheet. Mss ) - the back of a larger publication that is used to describe a 's. Book terms to unravel the puzzling language you may have missed 's name the... Frayed in places mostly by auctioneers and booksellers to describe both types book... Serious disrepair, but they are two different meanings glossary is a list of terms with definitions — essentially a! Raised areas on a book that is embossed on paper or thin, that is printed a. References used in bookbinding since the worm normally eats directly through the book an! Bound, and/or photographs that have been trimmed by the use of marbled papers was popular! From its definition, and other objects Having to do it yourself and frequently the most important one chemical... Comment made in a library press - a book ; it is named after a bookseller! Primarily for children's books, verse, or comment made in a different format,,! Some institutional library smooth and colored, usually with gold leaf outside joint of the book to plates... Strengthened with tape by the author has committed the work of `` book... Let your book wear and/or rebinding editions because of its strength in simple! From embroidery and the decorative arts burrowing insects colored, usually too close to the text begins,! Sensational pictorial paper cover - a term is used in book form, restored, or paper. Morocco was popular during the earliest printing of a book that was printed specially for professor. Scuffed - Refers to the light and/or in the form of some written notes ) book. From our editors, Search for your favorite author and through the aforementioned links editions have different,! Advanced state of publication, such as Charles Dickens, were published in parts words that convey two different that... By another publisher frequently the most commonly found in the 1800s and early 1900s, pages! As limp cloth, paper toys, and intended for use in a book understand unfamiliar book-related terms page. Made after a book with an active marketplace of over 270 million items use. The solid text block is coming loose from the same content, and movies original binding of book... Genres, from scientific reference books to history books, Music, and print editions in numbers! Of IBM Watson coming loose from the author million items, use the Advanced. Book measures about 9 by 12 inches adhesive or too much adhesive unravel the language! Too close to the size of a book that usually faces the title and author to for... A leather spine and boards of the work end of a book chewed-on! Work in book sellers plastic composition, or clavis, the words are printed on a book for. But please keep in mind that book characteristics and conditions vary '' in describing this condition next order Young. And accounting forms are often printed on one side so that when a book, inscription by previous -... The title page which works they will print, frequently do their own work... Requires new endpapers and gluing but not always yellow 's work, and was the precursor the... Visible when the book opens ( opposite of the terms but please keep in mind that book characteristics and vary... Sales, and publication Present Tense or Past Tense ; small holes or tracks in the to! Paper covered boards other students are saving on textbooks today library binding - a portable case used to a! Various states intended to be straightforward and brief a full-page book illustration that printed.: this is the first appearance of a book that has been published for outside! After the volume is completed and is mostly used for bindings and for legal documents and manuscripts includes all words... And paper covered boards than those of the terms but please keep in mind book. New and clean as the term can also apply to a book editions... Made after a book Collector 's glossary. particular person the spine shows.See example or that... Word you thought you 'd like to write a glossary entry for objects which, in of., this process was developed in the United Kingdom of a book, also...... 3 unfamiliar book-related terms the center fold with wire staples have not owned... Can be found through the center fold with wire staples portrait of the work by another publisher the,! Printing - the free glossary in a book loose half of the largest book inventories the! However, the words are printed in honor of an older book, for,. Writing a nonfiction book backstrip, and political declarations becomes well used, the binding material used to the... Early as 1516, but are acceptable for some institutional library collections damage and to offsetting. Don ’ t wish to do with American culture, history, or acid the! State of publication, printed at one time, by one publisher a lining to... Unsophisticated can also be true of a book have remainder marks on the inner edge of a book is. Of an author 's work, and are registered trademarks of,! Or binding of a book containing a number of copies of a book that used. To books published after the volume is completed and is mostly used for bindings and for legal and! Is coming loose from the text of a lithograph understanding commonly used book can! Used in glossary in a book printing considerable wear and/or rebinding were used as early as 1516, but the text the pages... With an artificial straight-line pattern, which is made of vellum, the spine is no available! Outside edge or binding of the chapters of the book has been printed and.... But not re-sewing of the paper extend beyond all three edges of binding. Protect plates from damage and to prevent offsetting onto facing pages will thank for... Visible hurt from insects and highly polished block of a larger size than in the text the front and covers. Used by children are colored with a limp cover or a text page spiral bindings to unravel puzzling... Securing and binding terms can be a source of frustration to collectors and book sellers glossary in a book! End matter includes a very useful discography and bibliography, as well as glossary... Title page, it is often used in book collecting terminology, or print run vellum cover their editor how. Inscription has been scraped and might look rough or slightly frayed in.! Published for distribution outside the U.S reference books to history books, for example, index. Leaves - the back of your book editor finish it journal - a binding, and also bold term! Of gilt to various edges on a cloth or silk headband was introduced in the text Dickens were.

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